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Google Analytics plays a central role in my work because I mainly try to understand the behaviours of people online. CXL’s CRO Minidegree has given me a more comprehensive understanding of the platform. Continuing with our overview, here’s part 1.

Analysing Google Analytics can help you learn how a website user behaves and why they do what they do. Basically, the tool allows you to see how your users are using your website and what marketing efforts are yielding results.

Google offers two main analytics packages as part of its Marketing Platform. Among their packages, one is aimed at small…

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Have you ever gone through a rigorous research process? Specifically, market research?

This week I will be breaking down my learnings from CXL’s CRO Minidegree Progam into three approaches we could use to understand our audiences better. And no, we’re not talking about Google-ing competitors, but interacting with and receiving feedback from individual people. Usually, it’s your customers. Marketing for any business should be based on this type of research.

It’s a fact that all marketing experts agree on, though few businesses conduct marketing research on their own.


This is because:

  • You have to be patient.
  • You need money…

It’s the end of my first month with CXL’s Conversion Optimisation Minidgree. In the course of a month, I’ve learned a variety of tactics that can be used to increase conversion rates on ads, landing pages, and websites. Last week, I discussed the key persuasion principles that guide the entire product messaging and content writing process.

The purpose of this post is to describe how our brain is triggered to alertness and to take action, as well as how we and our users are influenced by biases when making decisions. …

As the third post in this series, I will be summarising the people & psychology section.

There are a total of 9 sections in the course, with each one breaking down methods and psychology tactics that you can use to be more persuasive.

I will elaborate on Cialdini’s Seven Principles of Persuasion, BJ Fogg’s Behaviour Change Model, and provide a brief introduction to NeuroMarketing for this article.

Psychology of people and groups

Although we are used to thinking of persuasion in negative ways, persuasion can also be used positively. …

Prior to my training this week, I’ve always wondered,

“Is it possible to evaluate something so subjective as copy without relying on a single opinion or inflated ego?”

Yes, it is because data and research can help you get better at copywriting.

To get a better overview I highly recommend going through and bookmarking Peep Laja — a hyper-focused conversion specialist’s guide on an effective copywriting review process.

For this chapter, I will be covering website copywriting, which Peep Laja teaches as well. I will also embed parts of Momoko Price’s Product Messaging class, an experienced conversion copywriter and someone…

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Hey there!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on Medium and I wanted to come on here to document my learning process when it comes to all things Digital Marketing, Experience Design, User Research and Content Strategy.

In my current role as a B2B marketing manager for INQOVA Technologies Ltd. Hong Kong, I help textile and materials companies create frictionless and rewarding web experiences for their existing and potential customers.

But this description can seem vague and unclear. This is why I’m breaking down critical focus areas of my work and documenting my learnings as I go along.

One of…

The image was taken by Tanya Balwani at Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

I have been in and out of 15 houses, 9 schools (colleges and universities included) and 3 countries. As a result, the one question I am confronted with time and time again is: Where are you from?

Here’s the answer:

When asked, I have almost always replied “Hong Kong” because that’s where I was born and raised and that is where my family currently lives. But the tan and olive hues of my nature-given skin tell a different story to the person standing in front of me. As they ponder asking me the question, “where are you REALLY from?”, I have always chosen to relieve them of this confusion, by concluding with — “but my parents are Indian”. The tension disappears for a bit but it doesn’t end there. …

Tanya Balwani

I write about self-development, tech, culture, politics & social theory.

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